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Serie BTF Print
Realizing ultra slim size and reliable sensing performance
BTF Series makes more stable sensing possible with minimizing the effects of background with background suppression function(BGS). The series provides high performance and user convenience to be installed in a narrow space by realizing ultra slim size with one-chip photo IC and to check out the position of detection spot by visible red LED light source. Moreover, the series makes possible to detect microscopic objects up to Ø0.2mm of non-glossy objects and to allow more diverse user selection with various product line-ups including BGS reflective type and diffuse reflective type. Reliable protection structure of IP67 is another feature of BTF Series.

Major features
▣ Features
* Realization of super-slim size by adopting one-chip photo IC
(W13 x H19 x L3.7mm : Through-beam type), (W13 x H24 x L3.7mm : Diffuse reflective type)
* No effects of background objects with Background Suppression (B.G.S) function
: Stable sensing to minimize the error range made by color or glossy of sensing target
* Easy to check sensing spot position by applying visible red LED light source
* Protection structure IP67 (IEC standard)
* Reverse polarity, Output short-circuit protection circuit

▣ BGS(Background Suppression)
It is to minimize the effect of background objects placed further than sensing distance by adopting two-segment photo diodes so that any malfunctions made by change of background colors or un-necessary movements can be prevented.

* Detecting wafers in semiconductor equipment